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Statistical Information – dec 2023

Statistical information

December 2023

Below is the Statistical Information elaborated by CANAINTEX.

In each section you will find infographics with relevant information. Click on the icon to see more information.

Total Mexican Exports of Textile and Apparel Products

Total exports. Main exported textile and apparel products.

Million dollars.

Total exports. Main destination countries for Mexican exports.

Million dollars.

Total exports

Million dollars

United States total imports of Textile and apparel products.

Total mexican imports of textile and apparel products

Total imports. Main imported textile and apparel products.

Million dollars.

Total imports. Main origin countries of mexican imports.

Million dollars.

Trade balance of the textile – apparel industry in the last year.

GDP textile – apparel sector

GDP Textile – apparel sector, by subsector

Formal employment in the last 3 years.

Participation of women in employment

Distribution of formal employment by State