Nuestro objetivo México, nuestra meta el mundo.


CANAINTEX is the entity created to support those who belong to the Textile Industry.


Promote programs, plans, and strategies to achieve the growth and positioning of the Textile Industry, both in public policy and in the national and international market.

Operate in defense of the value chain’s interests to preserve and increase formal employment, as well as to promote sustainability in the National Textile Industry.


To be an advocate leader of high standards of quality, operational and regulatory
in order to achieve international competitiveness and ensure the future of the sector given the tendencies and global needs. To promote inclusive and sustainable growth. To eventually become the leader industry in Mexico and position it in the global market.


Combat smuggling and illegality

Plan and implement actions that combat smuggling and illegality

Defense against disloyal commercial practices

Plan and implement actions that promote the defense against disloyal commercial

International Synergy

Synergize with the USA, Central America and the Caribbean to face the Asian competition (accumulation of origin of mexican textile in RD-CAFTA).

Develop products with innovation and style

Encourage the consolidation of own brands

Modernization of the textile industry contracts