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Italian firm ZaitexFashion develops new denim treatment

ZaitexFashion has announced the latest development in denim treatment called Zetakin LST. It is a laser improver, born to enhance laser treatments on denim garments and give them a much more natural and authentic effect, similar to manual scraping. Zetakin LST ennobles the features of the fabric and keeps the original cast and shade of denim.

“Usually, laser application may have unexpected results on denim garment, like a grey/brownish patina on the surface, spoiling the natural look of the fabric, forcing to do additional washing and rinses to get them away. Our laser improver, Zetakin LST, fixes these common issues of laser finishing,” ZaitexFashion said in a press release.

ZDHC approved Zetakin LST can be applied by spray gun, by soaking or, even better by spraying with the latest nebulising technologies.

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