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US’ fashion brand Katla deploys Truepic technology for supply chain

US’ Katla, a sustainable, made-to-order fashion brand founded by Aslaug Magnúsdóttir, the co-founder and former CEO of leading fashion e-tailer, Moda Operandi,  has announced its deployment of Truepic technology to increase transparency in its global supply chains. Katla works with fabric suppliers to develop vegan fabrics with minimal environmental impact.

Truepic’s Vision platform deploys its patented provenance technology that ensures authenticity of media at the point of capture, allowing Katla to track its operations, supplies, and distributors instantly with high-integrity images and videos, according to a press release by Truepic.

Katla is reimagining the fashion value chain to create a holistically sustainable brand with a financially and environmentally superior model. The company has embraced an innovative supply chain that reduces inventory risk and minimises environmental impact. Katla merchandise is manufactured on-demand or in small batches and delivered to customers around the world within days of orders being placed. To date, Katla’s operations span across North America and Europe and have been recognised by premier fashion publications including Vogue, Elle, Forbes, and WWD.

Truepic’s Vision product is a remote verification platform allowing KATLA to audit, inspect, and track operations and products with authenticated images and video, remotely and securely. This technology has been deployed in a variety of industries including to advance positive social impact with partners such as Accion Opportunity Fund, Antiquities Coalition, the Latino Economic Development Centre (LEDC), United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), and many more. However, this marks the first use of secure media provenance in the fashion industry, according to Truepic.

“Since our inception, we have been proud to offer our customers full transparency into the sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of our products. We are thrilled to add Truepic’s authenticated provenance platform to our suite of technologies to continue to build trust and transparency into our clothing and operations. We believe that secure provenance imagery will become a staple in global supply chains, and we are excited to introduce it into the fashion industry,” Aslaug Magnúsdóttir, Katla founder said in a statement.

“We have seen how secure media provenance can close the trust gap for any organisation in the modern economy and are very excited to work with Katla to introduce this technology to the fashion industry. In addition to the increased transparency and efficiency, leveraging remote verifications to ensure due diligence will help Katla reduce its carbon footprint as it scales production,” Jeffrey McGregor, CEO of Truepic said.

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