Privacy notice

This notice is stated for when the data is recovered personally from the holder, meaning that in
the moment where the personal data is collected, the responsible must facilitate the format
whereby he will obtain the data and also the completed privacy notice. It must include all the
following informative elements quoted on the articles 8, 15, 16 and 36 of the law, which are:

  1. The identity and address of the responsible who deals with the personal data;
  2. The personal data must be subjected to treatment,
  3. The clear indication of the sensitive personal data that will be addressed;
  4. The purpose of the treatment;
  5. The mechanisms so that the holder could manifest his reluctance for the treatment of his
    personal data for those purposes which are not necessary, nor had led to the legal
    relationship with the responsible;
  6. The transference of the personal data that, if applicable, are carried out; the third
    recipient of the personal data and the purposes of it;
  7. The clause that indicated if the holder accepts or not the transference, when if required;
  8. The means and the procedure to exercise the ARCO rights;
  9. The mechanisms and procedures so that, if applicable, the holder can revoke the consent to the treatment of his personal data;
  10. The options and means that the responsible offers to the holder to limit the use or
    disclosure of the personal data;
  11. The information about the use of mechanisms in online, optical or any other
    technological communication media either remote or local, that will allow the
    compilation of personal data automatically or simultaneously while the holder establishes
    contact with them, if applicable and
  12. The procedures and means in which the responsible will communicate the holders any
    changes to the privacy notice.