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CCI’s 2nd virtual Cotton Day India focuses on sustainability

Cotton Council International (CCI), along with the leadership of the US cotton industry, recently held the second virtual Cotton Day India that once again focused on the need for sustainability and transparency in the industry and how companies could use it to create and drive value for all stakeholders.

The virtual event featured speakers and panellists from USDA FAS US Embassy New Delhi, the US cotton industry and allied companies that support the industry with traceability solutions.

Speaking at the event, CCI executive director Bruce Atherley said, “Brands today are increasingly becoming more responsible in their sourcing strategies. Sustainability and transparency are no longer optional. Leading brands today are mapping their supply chains all the way back to spinning mills and are looking for supply chain partners they can trust; it’s not just about cost.”

Peush Narang, CCI country representative – India and Sri Lanka, added, “The Indian cotton industry stands at a critical point today. Thanks to cotton, we are seeing a significant recovery in Indian textile industry. We are seeing increased traction for the US Cotton Trust Protocol, the US cotton industry’s sustainability programme, and Cotton USA Solutions, our technical consultancy programme. US cotton remains the most preferred fibre when it comes to the cotton imported in India.”

Cotton Day India 2021 featured insightful sessions on what the industry can do to increase sustainability as well as what brands and retailers are looking for from the industry. It also featured discussions on what can be done to enhance sustainability and transparency in the textile supply chains that will enable brand and retailers to make more informed choices. Sessions also included the latest updates from CCI as well as industry guidelines on how Cotton USA Solutions best practices could be adopted in Indian textile mills to help increase profitability, CCI said in a media release.

CCI chairman Ricky Clarke delivered the welcome address and Ron Verdonk, minister-Counselor, FAS USDA US Embassy, New Delhi, gave the keynote address during which he stressed the importance of India as a global trade partner to the US.

Steve Dyer, head of global marketing, Louis Dreyfus Cotton, presented a global cotton economic outlook which highlighted that India will be a significant driver to increase demand for global cotton consumption.

Joe Little, head of technical: fabric, colour, sustainability & garment technology, Tesco PLC, presented a brand/retailer perspective of the US Cotton Trust Protocol, while Andrew Winston, business consultant & founder of Winston Eco-Strategies spoke of how smart companies are using sustainability to create value. The key industry partners of Cotton Day India 2021 also included participation from Oritain and Textile Genesis with a focus on transparency solutions.

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